Welcome to our Apiary, we take pride in our efforts to save Honey Bee colonies and rehabilitate them. Our Hives were removed from locations where they were unwanted and at risk to extermination. Our efforts have saved Millions of HoneyBees from extermination or certain and untimely death. Our Motto is "We Help Honey Bee's with People Problems!!!".


Contact us if you need to have a HoneyBee colony removed in the central New Mexico Area. We provide free quotes, fast courteous and professional service. Our contact information is listed below, you can also send me an email via the contact form below.


Since our Honey Bee's come from colonies that have been rescued, we get really excited about our product line and will be introducing new products over the next several months as well as links to awesome deals on Beekeeping equipment and services. When it comes to Honey, know that you are getting some of New Mexico's Best, we call it New Mexico True Honey from a "New Mexico True" Business.


Our Honey is pure Raw Honey, it is not heated or microfiltered. We don't add anything or remove anything and we harvest and bottle all our own products, Look for us at the Belen, New Mexico Farmers Market and save money on your honey!!!

*Antiguas Del Norte's Beeks*

Raymond & Juanita Espinoza

Co-Owners--Bee Keeper-Office Manager


We help HoneyBees with People Problems, After several years of hard work we are proud to present our products and services to you. We hope you enjoy our website and that you find our Honey as tasty and usefull as we do. I have spent years studying and admiring Bees and I have put tremendous effort and expense into rescuing and rehousing unwanted Honey Bee Colonies, All our bees are derived from bees that are removed from structures and rehived into Langstoth or TopBar Hives. We also introduce mite resistent drones from commercial breeding stock into our apiary to improve disease resistance thus increasing the survivability of our colonies and the future of our Honey Bees.

 Youth Aparian

Bee Keeper Assistant


Awesome Senior Youth Beekeeper, Viva Girl Power!!


 Youth Aparian

Bee Keeper Assistant


Awesome Junior Beekeeper, who's enthusiam never wanes.


Antiguas Del Norte

Estancia de San Ramon

North Belen

New Mexico 87002



Business Hours:

Monday through Sunday: 7am-9pm


Tel: 505-861-1693

Fax: 505-861-1693


Our Belen,NM location is known as the Estancia de San Ramon or ESR for short and is known for producing a special deep rich dark honey, some believe it has several medicinal uses, we also harvest special honey from secret locations throughout New Mexico, these are sold by Zip Code.


We lease Beehive colonies for pollination services.  Our products include Honey, Pollen, Bee Venom Products, Bees Wax, Propolis, and skin care products made from HoneyBee byproducts.


We utilize mostly organic beekeeping practices and we are always looking for ways to improve and protect our apiary, our bees come primarily from select swarm captures and removals.  We select feral queens that are vigourous and disease resistant for our breeding stock. 




In our area of Belen,we are blessed to be surrounded by Alfalfa, Apricot, Apple, Mesquite and Tamirisk as well as many native wildflowers and select plantings that help the Honey Bees here to produce a wonderfully sweet semi-dark honey with a robust flavor and very pleasant after taste, we use it for everything as well as several medicinal uses.  We think Honey from ESR is outstanding and we highly recommend it.  We also produce honey from other areas in central New Mexico and have had many compliments on the quality and taste of our honey.


Our Honey is pure, NO additives or fillers, we use only approved organic treatments if necessary on our bees and our honey is considered Raw and unprocessed, we do not microfilter or heat our honey.  When you buy honey from us you can be assured of its quality and purity.